Complex Care

  • Nursing-led specialist teams. 
  • Dedicated clinical nurses.   
  • Years of medical experience and expertise.


Our complex care is managed by a strong team of  dedicated clinical nurses with years of medical experience and expertise. As top-notch we will ensure that you have the right level of care in place enabling you to live well with your condition.

Complex Care Services


We have put more information here in the brochure. Please download our Complex care brochure to learn the means to fund the cost of your care.

unrinary Catheter

The objective of our continence care is to make you feel safe and supported in a dignified and compassionate way whilst maintaining your privacy. We have a team of highly trained and dedicated Carers who will assist in managing your condition.

Tracheostomy care

At Top-Notch Healthcare our tracheostomy care is Nursing-led which has been carefully structured to enable you or your loved one after undergoing the procedure to manage their tracheostomies at home.

Our team of clinicians will help you to adapt to a tracheostomy tube, to be part of  your everyday life activities such as eating, talking, exercising, and keeping the tube clean and free of blockages.

It is possible, with the right support from our team of expert clinicians that you will soon be living an independent lifestyle with a tracheostomy. This will be achieved starting from the clinical nurse assessment manager who ensure your care and support  is fit for purpose following the assessment. You be matched with a care team who possess the correct experience and the right personality, to support you in your daily routine

bowel and stoma care

Our expertly trained and dedicated carers are capable of helping you or your loved one with incontinence to live fulfilled and independent lives. Whether you require assistance regularly with toileting regime, to giving you support with medication regime management, through to advanced care using specialist interventions including ileostomy and colostomy care after surgical intervention. Additional support can include digital stimulation, manual evacuation and peristeen for neurogenic dysfunction. All support is given in the comfort of your home.

Ventilator Care

If you are living with a condition related breathing difficulties which requires non-invasive ventilator care at home our nursing-led team at Top-notch Healthcare stand ready to deliver the support  you or  your loved one needs. They specialise in BiPAP (Bi-Level Positive Air Pressure) care and CPAP  (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) ventilated support, enabling them to provide sensitive  respiratory care and support that  you need and capable to give advice and information

Spinal cord injury

If you or your loved one has suffered a spinal injury At Top-notch Healthcare our team of home  carer are expertly trained in complex care covering in conditions such as  quadriplegia, paraplegia and tetraplegia, who can provide specialist and support you need.

Multiple sclerosis care

At Top-notch Healthcare we have nursing-led teams who are specialists in supporting clients who have been living with their condition for a lifetime or for sudden onset, maybe after a head injury, stroke or cancer of the brain or spine. We support many with neurodegenerative conditions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and motor neurone disease (MND), often affecting people in adulthood and whose condition evolves over time. Your carer will be handpicked by the clinical nursing manager and you, making sure they have the experience, knowledge and character to be able to care and support you at all times.